Month: April 2013

The Writer


Free thinker, liberated from the shackles of society, creative, these are some of the attributes that describes a writer. The people who will pour their heart out on a piece of paper and I think everyone has a writer in them, some write because it’s their passion, some write because they just want to have fun and some because it’s easier to pen down their thoughts on a piece of paper than to discuss it with a friend. A writer is no average Joe or Jane, they just wander off to their wonderland and create a piece that is inspiring or has a different point of view. When all is said and done a writer always has to write the truth and only the truth. They have an obligation to the society to put their hand on the bible and cross their heart, to write the truth and nothing but the truth, whether writing about current events, personal lives or a news article.

A writer tries to pen down their emotions, imagination and creativity into a piece and then leaves it on the readers to appreciate the art they have created on paper. Writer always want their reader to treat them as their friends and create a bond, a relationship with their reader through their work and at the end of the book or article, this spectrum of relationship just ends on a good note or bad one according to the piece the writer has written. A parallel universe is created by a writer’s imagination; the creative entity designed is vastly complicated as it expects a lot from the reader also. The reader should also have the kind of vivid imagination and the understanding power that the drama of the writer is asking for, or in some cases the vivid imagination of the writers takes over the mind of the reader and takes the reader into the fantasy world of the writer and casts a magical spell so the readers falls in love with the writer’s art. Writing is a craft where you struggle and keep learning as you write about your day to day experiences, fiction stories, love tales, poetry, etc. This craft of writing cannot be mastered, it is merely a learning curve but as you progress you will get better at it.

Writing and music go hand in hand, writer’s sweet words are like the harmonious tones of a musician, and the meaning of the article or story is like a singer’s melodious voice. A well written article is like a symphony it can be read again and again. It is mesmerizing and you are just lost in the essence of the article.

I am a writer at heart,

I am a liberated soul,

I pledge to the world I will write what is true,

I will create magic with my words,

I will create ideas that ferment in the minds of the reader,

I will strive at becoming the greatest wordsmith,

I am a writer at heart,

I am a liberated soul

Keep writing people.

The Fighter


For a fighter it’s all about wining but to win fare and square, they have to put everything on the line. Broken bones, cracked ribs, nose bleed and excruciating pain, these are common to a fighters life but their dreams is real and winning is the only criterion. I read somewhere that it’s all about wining; winning battles but the magic lies in fighting battles beyond endurance and it’s the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you.

Everyone is like a fighter in this world but only a few give hundred percent to achieve their dreams. For some people dreams are only there to get through the day but for some they are the sole purpose of their survival. Life is the stubborn evil that will play by its rules, constantly throwing some obstacles in your way even distorting your ideologies and philosophies. All your training, the bloodshed in achieving your dreams will seem like a waste.

Like a fighter we too have to fight, sometimes what life throws at us or fight our inner self to stay in control or to stay sane because there are no teams, there are no buddies, in this ring of life you are alone, only you. Life is like a boxing ring the boxer has to face several rounds to be a winner but in life the rounds are enduring. Muhammad Ali said “champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stranger than the skill.” In life the will to win is the essential ingredient to success and when you keep fighting and endure you will find the key to life, the key to winning.

“Life is like a boxing match,

Defeat is declared not when you fall, But when you refuse to stand again.”


London – I miss you


I just love London, the city that has culture, history and at the same time the city is modernized as well as maintaining its heritage and essence. London has a vibrant soul and offers a great array of tourist spots, food, people, the frolic it’s all there.

London is promising, there is so much to explore, London is like a friend, if you are feeling lonely go enjoy the nightlife it will energize you, when you are in a mood to explore go and visit Buckingham Palace,  London Eye, Windsor Castle, Madame Tussaud’s  museum, London Bridge and Piccadilly street. When you are in a crazy mood go enjoy street shows.

While Leonardo da Vinci was painting Mona Lisa I think he had London in his mind, in the picture the way the hands rest on the arm chair depicts harmony and peace. The clothes imitate steady curves of the river, small roads behind her; the face expression is peaceful and modest. The background which has the hills, roads and the clouds all form a dreamy picture and giving more depth to the portrait. Leonardo da Vinci was putting all aspects of London in the portrait, Thames River, small roads, the message of peace and harmony which London portrays and most significant aspect was the smile which we all get when we are in the enchanting city.

London is like a first kiss can’t forget it; it is there in the back of your mind.

I miss you London.

Home Sweet Home



No matter where we go, we take our baggage along. This baggage is our lives, who we really are? want is our plan? What is our deepest darkest secret? Our intentions, good or bad, whatever. So is our dreary home the place we run to or it is the place we run from? Home shouldn’t be made up of four walls, beams and a roof, home should be greater than this, it should be somewhere our worries vanish, some where we get peace. It should be where we are accepted, accepted unconditionally. The place where we may take off our mask and be free, it is our safe place. The place where we don’t have to pretend not be treated as an outsider, the place where we are happy.

Love, Lost at Sea

Here I am, lost at sea,
The waves come crashing onto the ship’s deck,
The sea is dark, dark as a grave,
Once again into the fray, now I fight sea’s finest warrior,
The storm is getting more furious,
It’s my turn to experience the wrath of the sea.


I just wish I could see you once, my love,
To taste your lips,
You touching my finger tips,
To live one more day,
To be in your arms and feel your love only once, I pray.


The winds are strong and free,
No shore at sight and I shall face the brutality of the sea,
The winds will not halt; waves will not halt,
Tempest keeping its grace by giving me a chance to revolt,


At heart I am still a little boy,
As I see your smile my heart fills with joy,
There is something sweet, something romantic in your smile, something mesmerizing in those eyes.


The deep roar of this lonely ocean, as lonely as me,
Craving for some dark secret love, it swallows gray bodies regret free,
Where the sky and sea meets I stand with love in my heart,
The thunder clouds began to play its part,
This storm holds my destiny but my love will stay strong till eternity.


As the waves begin to rise,
I began to imagine my loves sweet smile and remembering her sweet lies.
Nothing could drown the oceans mighty roar,
I will find a way back home my darling to be by your sight; I promise this distance will be no more,
Sailor’s first love is the sea with this quote the sea taunts me,
I found heaven in your arms; your love was like a loftier song,
This sea will not set me free the time has come to abandon my love, my grace for this egotistic sea.


Goodbye my love, goodbye my friend, goodbye my joy,
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

This video is simply Awesome! Love it!
This is the video that which has a meaning and the lyrics are beautiful. The band hand has taken the social issues and presented in such a brilliant way. They should make more of this kind of music. This video urges me to go out there and do something meaningful, help humanity and be the change. I always wanted to contribute in the education sector as I believe education is the key to change and for a better future. But when I say education I don’t mean that we should teach the future generations only ABCs and some numbers to find a job but to teach them values, how to respect other people, race and religion discrimination, respect women, to make them a good human being.

Some lines from the video that I love.

Today in the comer of the world,
Someone is hungry,
Someone is homeless,
Someone is hurting,
That someone can be you.
I’m an average Joe,
Just trying to make ends meet,
Can I make a difference?
I am the difference,
Between justice and injustice,
Between right and wrong.
When someone takes a stand and says,
I am the end of poverty,
I am the different path,
I am the belief in your humanity,
I am the wave of compassion,
I am the end of ignorance,
I am the call for human rights,
I am the hand that heals mankind,
I am the light and vision of mankind,
I am the heart that keeps a child heart alive,
I am the dream that becomes reality,
What about now?

Feeling the Pressure


Today is world health day and the tag line of world health organization is control your blood pressure. In the morning when I looked at the newspaper it had two full pages on health and it was dedicated to hypertension as World Health Organization has dedicated this year to perils of untreated hypertension on ones heart, kidneys and brain. W.H.O. is calls this epidemic the silent killer and a global public cries. There is no cure for it and only 5% of the cases can be cured and others are left in the dark. They just have to rely on medicines and criteria outlined by doctors. W.H.O. have also given remedies to reduce blood pressure like losing extra pounds, exercising regularly, eating healthy, limit alcohol intake, avoid tobacco, cutback on caffeine, reduce stress and get support from friends and family.

I am writing about hypertension because I also suffer from it. I have got it checked and my doctor say I am young hypertensive; the newspaper describes me as stage 2 hypertensive. Whatever doctors say, I feel fine but because of certain situations like work and personal life issues I tend to get agitated but that’s the case of every twenty seven year old, isn’t it?

In today’s fast life people are getting the heat, people want more, nothing is sufficient, the greed is always there, greed follows us like our shadow, and it’s a part of us. More we want more struggles we have to do. It takes a toll on our body and our brain. I blame the mind sets and the modern society for this epidemic. So much competition, so much options, so much social obligations and so much to lose.

“I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.”
― Steve Maraboli

Life Struggles


Tall buildings, traffic everywhere, busy and fast life; this is the big city where everybody is constantly running 24/7. This is where I stand, just a small little puppy. I am lost in this big city but I have just one idea, one dream, this is my life.

Constantly failing and getting bruised battered but the dream I have will not let me give up, it urges me to build my life piece by piece.  I will reconstruct my soul and conquer my fears; my dream is simple to cross this fence in front of me.

Mediocre dogs see themselves wilting in my shadow as none of them has the ability to understand me. They never will. They taunt me and make fun of me and sometimes call my dream hopeless, trying to disfigure them but I stand strong, the only warrior in their way to crush my dreams. I will not give up at any cost. Every time I think of my dream it gives me a great high with a dopamine release.

I try to jump over the fence but I fail and in the process of trying I got hurt and bruised. Once again I am pushed into the fray, to face another battle and it is all about winning but the magic lies in winning battle beyond endurance and risking it all for a dream that nobody sees but you.  I can hear my inner voice whispering “don’t be afraid to achieve your dreams”.

I am the force of nature, old failures will not halt, old victory will aid, and I am the master of my providence I shall never give up and carry on my quest. This is my life.

  “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

― Mark Twain

Eternal Darkness

I’m in love with the darkness of the night,
I’m in love with all that’s out of sight,
I’m in love with the magic of the new,
And the darkness loves me, too.

I hope you are not lonely without me,
As the darkness sets our imagination free,
Sorrow won’t let my heart alone,
But I have darkness to cover the tears that, sorrow got.

It’s very dark darling, too dark to see,
My love is gone and only darkness is with me.
This restless heart that I have to slay,
Then I will find some peace in this dark fray.

Please don’t sing that old sad hym, no more
those melancholic tones resonates inside my soul.
Darkness haunts my dreams,
I cannot bear the pain I receive.

I can’t forget the harm I have caused to the loved ones with whom I always fought,
The darkness is still inside me and my soul is now its slave
If I want to be happy I will have to fight a bit longer, than this day.
No matter how much I curse this darkness it is the only things that is real and I will live forever this way.

I’m in love with the darkness of the night,
I’m in love with all that’s out of sight,
I’m in love with the magic of the new,
And the darkness loves me, too.

Hollow Religious Convictions


We live in the era of democracy, freethinking and innovation. People are free to choose their career paths, what they want to wear, where they want to eat, who to marry, etc. But in this era of modernization, people are not liberated to choose the religion of their choice instead it is passed on from their parents. People have to blindly follow the customs and rituals what other people in their religious community are following whether they like it or not. If the customs and rituals are not followed by a certain individual then it might be considered a sin.

All holy books are a work of evil, as they dictate mankind to live their lives according to a book which was written centuries ago. This is utter non sense as religion which preaches good things also divides people as we have a vast religious spectrum and that spectrum is further divided into sub castes. We do not need a laid set of rules to guide our lives, instead should be free to pick and choose any religion or even no religion at all. The hour is getting very late for us to indulge in religious antics and ignoring the harsh reality like poverty, diseases, education for all, global warming or improve live on this planet and all our energies should be diverted to these causes instead of worshiping some imaginary God.

All holy books say that only God possesses the power to destroy this planet but now mankind does too as he has figured out nuclear weapons and to pollute at a catastrophic level. Religion is treacherous because it allows human beings who don’t have all the answers to think that they do. Most people would think it’s wonderful when someone says, “I’m willing, Lord! I’ll do whatever you want me to do!” Except that since there are no gods actually talking to us, that void is filled in by people with their own corrupt imaginations, limitations and agendas.

Cerne Abbas Giant is a hill figure in Dorset, England. Made by a cut outline filled with chalk on the slope, it is a picture of a giant naked man, the origin and age of the picture is unclear and often thought of as an ancient structure. Scholars identify it with a Celtic British figure or the Roman Hercules. The villages don’t know the story behind this giant picture but maintain it anyway and they live in uncertainty or doubt regarding the whole giant man tale.

The big questions about, after life, end of the earth or mankind existence should be left as a doubt because doubt is humble, as the villagers do in the case of giant man in England. I say doubt is the attitude man should have about certain question and not letting religious people keep us in lunacy and fantasy. All the rational people, anti-religionists must assert themselves. Moderately religious really need to look in the mirror and realize that the solace and comfort that religion brings you actually comes at a terrible price, the price of freedom.

Disclaimer – This article is neither pointing at any specific religion nor written to hurt any religious sentiments and practices.