Month: March 2013

Liebster Award


Liebster award nomination it is, I didn’t knew about this award until I got nominated. Very special thanks to ethicalhedonism for nominating me for this award. I think this is a wonderful away to get new bloggers really get on with their writing. I can write random things that come to my mind but if you give me five pointers to follow and write, I would be in a panic state of mind. I write to escape from the mundane routine and add a little zing to my life, it sets me free.

The rules for the nomination are:-

  • Post 11 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 other blogs and ask them questions.
  • Lastly but the most important one thank the blogger who nominated you.

11 random facts about me.

  1. I like to DJ and have done gigs at my University.
  2. I am a big time foodie.
  3. I am just in love with London (U.K).
  4. I like collecting pens.
  5. I want to start a gift day, like friendship day. Everyone should exchange gifts with their loved ones (crazy right).
  6. I spend half of my day, day dreaming. I easily float away to my fantasy world.
  7. I don’t know how to handle rude people.
  8. Horror movies are my favorite.
  9. I like to write quotes and quote dialogues from movies.
  10. I am currently obsessed with body building.
  11. I like to spent time with people who can make me laugh or vice versa.

Bloggers whom I am nominating.

  • H!
  • Suburbangirl4love
  • El Cantador

There is always a constant struggle between light and darkness like us and our subconscious. Sometimes we ignore our inner self but constantly, like a thousand hiding voices whispering “THIS IS WHO YOU ARE”. And you fight the constant pressure. The growing need rising like a colossal wave. Prickling, taunting and prodding to be fed. The whispering gets louder, until they’re screaming and it’s the only voice you hear. The only voice you want to hear. And you belong to it. To this … shadow self. To this …demon.

Friendship Dilemma

Friends forever, true friend, close friends, friendship; I find the whole spectrum very complicated. You don’t know how the other person in the relationship takes it, is he or she on the same wave length as you? The true friend scenario is often shown in movies; a friend goes out of the way to help the other friend but what about real life does these “true friends” really exists?

Sometimes you hurt your friend non intentionally and later regret, also try hard to keep the essence of friendship intact. Friendship is fragile a little pressure can break it and no cure; no healing method is described in any book.

If this World was run by a Dictator….


Imagine if this world had no boundaries, no borders to separate each country, no passport, and no nationality issues, people may travel freely to any country. Whites, blacks, browns, all race, religion, colours considered as one. This would be an ideal state of affairs and I think every sane person in this world would want it. But to run this world, there has to be a government or a dictator who would make all the rules and regulation.

Some of my beloved shows on television is, “Family Guy” and the character in this show, Peter Griffin is really humorous and full of crazy thoughts. So the idea is, if this world was run by PETER, how would the world be?

The guy is hysterical, confident, has the qualities of a leader but with an IQ of a 10 year old and takes idiocy to the extreme. Lazy, slob, stupid these words very well describe Peter Griffin.

First thing that comes to my mind is chaos, frenzied or just multiply crazy with 100. I have just listed down some pointers if this world was run by Peter Griffin.

  • The world would not be divided into free zone/ non free zone rather it will be free fart zone/ non free fart zone.
  • Television programs would contain all the adult contain whether day or night.
  • Stewie Griffin would become the defense minister and develop weapons of mass destruction and would test it on Lois. Stewie will make sure that homosexuals will have more liberty than hetrosexuals.
  • Quagmire would take up the role of welfare of women and development. The first thing he would do is develop strip clubs and legalize prostitution.

Coming back to Peter Griffin, it would be complete anarchy and Peter would be trying to convince the people to have breakfast for dinner. Lastly a speech by Peter to address the world about issues like how to eliminate poverty, women’s safety, education, unemployment, etc and it would go something like this.

I am Peter Griffin, your supreme leader and I just want to explain to you what steps I am taking to improve the livelihood of the common people. I had a thought that I should begin with opening the bars till later as everyone will be drunk and happy. I like Prince Harry very much and he can do whatever he wants and the royal people and media should get of his case. Good luck Harry, run naked as much as you want my doors are always open. Justin Bieber, no comments.

Why is it when famous nude statues in Italy are considered art and when I try to draw one nude photo, I end up being banned from Mc Donalds.

Well keeping those aside I would like to sing a song.

Never mind, I’ll find someone like you.

 I wish nothing but the best for you, too.

 Don’t forget me, I begged, I remember you said

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.

Who am I kidding this song is not mine its Adele’s but haven’t you heard about the bird?

A-well-a, bird, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word
A-well-a, bird, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word
A-well-a, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word



Walking away, she is walking away; she is walking to the point of no return. Many sleepless nights and many troubled days, I cannot feel myself again. The friendship I adored has ran its course. All the promises we made to each other are broken and seem pointless. The smile, singing and dancing all seems as a festering dream as I want be able to experience it no more.

I cannot feel myself, hollow from inside and there is just an idea of me, a walking set of bones and flesh but the real me is intoxicated with pain. There is no real me. I just have become the slave to your love. My heart is there no more, my feelings are there no more and my affection is there no more. There are two parts of me one is angry about the circumstances and the other one is in pain and doesn’t care about the circumstances.

With your memories I spend my nights and my shattered soul is prodding me with the same question again and again, how to live without you? Why should I breath, just tell me the reason, why all the lies, why all the cries, why this love become bitter? What have you done my sweetest friend? The feeling of hurt, pain and sadness is the only thing that’s left. The words you said are killing me every minute.

I have realized that my heart would not get over the fact that you are gone, I have failed in my quest of love but my heart doesn’t process these facts. So I have locked my heart in a safe behind the painting on the wall. I feel sad and hurt; the treasures of love is dwindling, and just want to say no matter how hurt I feel I will love you, no more. I just want to say no matter how tough the situation is I will love you, no more. I just want to say no matter how dark this path may be without you I will love you, no more. No more……

I just want to say, no matter what, I will love you.


Day or night is the same for me, as I dream in the day and stay awake in the night, I don’t know if that’s all right. The sweet dreams I have are also hazy, I am always standing in front of a door with a daisy. Smiling and dancing in the garden, are the dreams I have. My heart is filled with cheerful thoughts, I feel a changed man. I am concerned as now days I like red colour and see the world with hope and everything is so colourful and blissful.

Extra vigilant I am, as the friendship is new, my love is new. Day and night I dream about her, our first coffee, our first dance, us holding hands, her sweet smile, me playing with her hair, these are the sweet thoughts that hold my mind at ransom. Singing and dancing apart, I am a little nervous also as I have to summon courage to tell her about my drunken heart, which is in love with her. I request the teachers of love; give me some tips, some clues, some classes on love so that I can emerge victorious.

My love, my love, oh my love, stand by me forever, I need you. I look into your eyes and see the love for me, which is the sheer bliss I have been searching for. Love changes you, it sets you free, and it brings a smile on your face that sets everything straight. When you are with the one you love you feel invincible, eternal happiness seems possible and the notion of conquering the world seems like a child’s play. I feel rich; the treasure of love is growing, and just wants to say no matter how the day ends up, I will love you.

I just want to say no matter how tough the situation is I will love you.

I just want to say no matter how far I stay, I will love you.

I will love you.

All we need is a helping hand…

Life is bewildering and there is no right or wrong answers to it. When you think you have it under control or you know your plan will work out, then life throws some kind of twists and turns to derail us from our paths. The trouble factors may be money matters, emotional needs, career advice, motivate oneself or to keep our secrets safe. When these matters hovers like a black cloud over us, our mind becomes blank, it shuts down and we require intervention from a greater power, help from family members, friends, relatives, even strangers, who we don’t know or in short our guardian angel.

The very wrong notion of fairy tales exist in our world and is often confused with real life, but life isn’t a fairy tale, no merry story, where everything in the end will be all right.  Pain, happiness, tears, love, it’s all here and you will experience it. Every day we make plans, plans for the day, and plans for the future, but we never know how our day is going to end. What adventures or misfortune we are going to face? Instead we just assume it will be interesting but you yourself cannot make the day eventful, you require other peoples help.

My only point is, to get through the day or to feel special we need help from people around us. They help us become stronger, a force of nature, to get over misfortunes and to celebrate our success.

So reach out to the troublesome, give your hand, do something worthwhile, help the oppressed,  don’t hesitate to pull the troubled out of his/her misery.

You will feel good.Image