Love, Lost at Sea

Here I am, lost at sea,
The waves come crashing onto the ship’s deck,
The sea is dark, dark as a grave,
Once again into the fray, now I fight sea’s finest warrior,
The storm is getting more furious,
It’s my turn to experience the wrath of the sea.


I just wish I could see you once, my love,
To taste your lips,
You touching my finger tips,
To live one more day,
To be in your arms and feel your love only once, I pray.


The winds are strong and free,
No shore at sight and I shall face the brutality of the sea,
The winds will not halt; waves will not halt,
Tempest keeping its grace by giving me a chance to revolt,


At heart I am still a little boy,
As I see your smile my heart fills with joy,
There is something sweet, something romantic in your smile, something mesmerizing in those eyes.


The deep roar of this lonely ocean, as lonely as me,
Craving for some dark secret love, it swallows gray bodies regret free,
Where the sky and sea meets I stand with love in my heart,
The thunder clouds began to play its part,
This storm holds my destiny but my love will stay strong till eternity.


As the waves begin to rise,
I began to imagine my loves sweet smile and remembering her sweet lies.
Nothing could drown the oceans mighty roar,
I will find a way back home my darling to be by your sight; I promise this distance will be no more,
Sailor’s first love is the sea with this quote the sea taunts me,
I found heaven in your arms; your love was like a loftier song,
This sea will not set me free the time has come to abandon my love, my grace for this egotistic sea.


Goodbye my love, goodbye my friend, goodbye my joy,
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.