Idea of Love



Love is crazy or when you are crazy in love you find something to like about in those annoying habits or imperfections of your sweetheart but if you don’t then you are just in love with the idea of love.


Emotions #Vulnerable # Joy # Love

However big and strong you may be, sharing your emotions and weakness with someone makes you vulnerable. It’s like you are giving them salt and they can rub it whenever they wish on your wounds but the great paradox is, if we cannot trust we cannot find joy or love.

Romeo & Juliet


 Romeo and Juliet is the heartwarming work of Shakespeare, the tragic romance with a poetic drama structure, it defines romance itself, the bible of romance. Let me just stop there and warn you that this is no Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” but a story of two lovers which I discovered in an articles few days back.

A true love story which sees no barriers and lets us believe that love is blind, this story is of Ali and Gloria which has made waves and is the most discussed love stories on the internet. There is one problem in this story that Gloria is overweight and Ali is fit and Ali loves to work out every day. But the society cannot digest the fact that Ali is dating Gloria and the overweight issue. I have appended the link of the article which is called “My girlfriend weighs more than me. So what? This article will give insights and details about the life of these two people and how they met?

Walking Away



It begins with a little smile, and then grows into an emotional attachment, the bond between the two dances above the heart of only one. That bond of care and affection becomes love. The feeling of love grows inside.

Tragedy strikes and the mountain of love becomes a helpless feeling; one move changes the relationship, the precious piece of the heart is lost, lost in oblivion. The feelings of this person changes drastically towards you, bouncing in different directions and the love is nowhere to be found. But the feeling which we carry for our loved ones grow by the minute and the overwhelming feeling takes over the heart, slowly mixing in the blood streams with the final triumph over the body. The heart becomes restless every moment is hard to pass and the guilt feeling is eating you from inside.

Your happiness and your destiny lie in their hands. The feeling is so powerful that it drowns your heart in sorrows, the serenity of your mind is blown away and a state of panic creeps in and you want to go against all uneven odds to reverse time.

Overrated Love


The word “LOVE” is overrated and it is just a word passed on from our ancestors to keep relationships glued together. The continuum of relationships is vastly complicated with different relationships having different definitions of love. Here I am not just stressing on boyfriend-girlfriend relationships but also family relationship, friendships, work colleagues etc. In these relationships love is involved but it varies from relationship to relationship, in some it will be more or less. As we explore more about relationships certain emotions are also involved, these emotions make our relationships strong or weak. These emotions play a vital role in shaping a person’s personality and attitude as well.

In relationships certain amount of expectations are also present. Love and expectations are correlated, where love is concerned certain expectations arise and thus forming a give and take relationship. Certain questions also arise as it is still unclear that the feeling of love which is said to be eternal and with no expectations.

Are we just brainwashed by great poets as they have expressed love to be divine and have painted a greater than life picture in their poems?

Is love just a made up word to sell more roses on Valentine’s Day?

Or the word “Love” actually holds some meaning in our lives? Is love really divine?

Do we just have an idea about love?

Is it the void in our heart filled by great writers by intensifying love in their literature?

What is the truth?

Tears in your eyes


 This time of the night,
Brings a little fear,
Brings a little tears,
But I am holding on,
I am a little scared,
To ask you the reason for your regret.
The sadness in your eyes is prodding my heart,
To give you happiness was my only part,
Now that I don’t know the bitter truth,
This fragile heart of mine cannot take your silent tears,
Hold my hand and we shall abandon this house of blues.
I am suffering in gloomy state-of-affairs,
Melancholy is in the air,
The melancholic secret in your heart and the tainted smile from you to me,
Is driving a prickly pain inside my heart,
Wondering how to interpret your tears and unshackle you of these chains of despair.
Don’t cry my love I can see no more,
These cries of yours resonates inside my soul,
I will drag happiness to your door,
Even if I have to fight with the almighty God once more.
Your silence is forcing me to take this inevitable long plunge into madness.

Beautiful Girl with Gorgeous Eyes


In her eyes I see the love for me,

In her eyes I see the sparkle of our first kiss,

I can feel my heart beating when I see her eyes,

When I see her eyes I fall in love with her again and again,

Beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes.



I remember, the first time I met her,

Her beautiful lips spoke less and her eyes did the talking,

Her eyes made my heart wonder and lost its way,

I saw light in her dark colored eyes,

Staring into her eyes and her eyes gazing mine,

I feel she can sense the real me without any facade, looking deep inside my soul.



A Secret lies in her eyes,

A mystery which I want to solve,

I looked into her eyes to find myself but everything was a vague impression,

Tears came out of her saintly eyes,

Her eyes wander searching for something precious,

Her eyes gazed at him.



The silent truth was in the open,

Tears rolled down my eyes,

My eyes mislead me to this unrealistic dream.

We were never meant to be apart, yet this bitter depart


All broken hearts are closer to God,

I can’t convey these hurtful feelings to you my lord,

These feelings are taking over my soul,

The only mistake was letting you go my angel but that wasn’t my goal.



Our relationship involved great love,

The romantic journey with you was full of euphoria,

I always loved your gentle eyes,

The love in your eyes made me feel alive,

You took my hand and we walked till dawn.



I believed in the dangerous idea of love,

Look where it has taken me now,

I found myself on the floor with deep scars on my heart,

I am just waiting for this heart to stop beating.



Singing our favorite hymns, can that fix my broken heart?

Tell me my darling where have you hidden the pieces of my heart?

My darling, come back once to revive my dying heart,

My darling, be my lover again as you promised to play this part,

My darling, tell me why does my heart hurts which magical spells have you cast?

My darling, tell me why this bitter depart?



As they say a broken heart is not fatal only brings immense pain.

Lovers Rendezvous


Suddenly I realize it was an illusion, a dream and a window is merely open through which wind is gushing inside and making a whistling sound. I see her, her beautiful eyes gazing me and her hands are on my shoulders, the touch felt warm with the idea of love in her eyes. Her fragrance was similar to the flowers besides my bed. My heart is pounding and the time froze as we exchanged stare with those eyes piercing mine trying to scrutinize my soul. Her face had a smirk and she sat beside me on my bed as I took comfort in her arms and I couldn’t control myself, my tears began to flow. I missed her, day and night thought of not being with her brought pain and despair but now seeing her in front of me thoughts began to rush into my mind. She said the three words which brought amenity to my restless heart. She got up to leave and I tried to grab her hand but the flower vase fell making an earsplitting sound. Suddenly I realize it was an illusion, a dream and a window is merely open through which the wind was gushing inside and making a whistling sound.