Old Familiar Friend


In the crowd I saw a familiar face,
It had been a while since we had met,
The old memories of you and me came to my mind,
I had forgotten your name,
But the feelings remains the same.

The smile on my face told the story,
How much I adored you as the time spent with you was hunky-dory,
In this crowd I spotted a familiar face,
I ran towards you to say some old familiar words.

Your sweet voice touched my heart,
Meeting you is another start,
Old wines and old friends are not apart.

I loved the way we talked till the sunset,
I loved the teasing and the pleasing,
I loved the way when you were by my side,
These are the feeling that I want to show.

A long embrace brought some old memories of you to my mind,
You are a traveler with a zesty soul and a gentle smile,
Full of drama and the fashion sense higher than the empire state,
Sweetest voice with eyes full of hope,
Strong headed and bold as brass,
A little lazy but smart as a whip,
Care and affection runs deep inside you,
You are the real deal,
This is how I feel.

These are some old familiar words that describe you,
Stay in my heart forever my old familiar friend.

Friendship Dilemma

Friends forever, true friend, close friends, friendship; I find the whole spectrum very complicated. You don’t know how the other person in the relationship takes it, is he or she on the same wave length as you? The true friend scenario is often shown in movies; a friend goes out of the way to help the other friend but what about real life does these “true friends” really exists?

Sometimes you hurt your friend non intentionally and later regret, also try hard to keep the essence of friendship intact. Friendship is fragile a little pressure can break it and no cure; no healing method is described in any book.

Friends! a blessing in disguise or just a myth.


They say old friends are like mirrors, they always tell you the true. They also say you outgrow your friends at some point in your life. The thing with friends is, you cry with them, sometimes you lie to them, sometimes you fight with them but at the end of the day you still think they are god’s gift.

You blindly follow your soul double, that’s what I like to call a true friend, into the unknown or a grey area. This friend is like a ray of sunshine in a dark cave, such pure relationship or pure passion whatever you may call it.

Sometimes you also get hurt when you see your friend drifting apart because of some reason you may or may not know. All the love, happiness and faith, fundamentally the bond and emotions between the two friends takes a beating. Giving up on lost relationships might be the paramount option in the near future or is there a “friend’s forever” stage?

I fear of that day when I, myself am the only friend l am left with.