The Writer


Free thinker, liberated from the shackles of society, creative, these are some of the attributes that describes a writer. The people who will pour their heart out on a piece of paper and I think everyone has a writer in them, some write because it’s their passion, some write because they just want to have fun and some because it’s easier to pen down their thoughts on a piece of paper than to discuss it with a friend. A writer is no average Joe or Jane, they just wander off to their wonderland and create a piece that is inspiring or has a different point of view. When all is said and done a writer always has to write the truth and only the truth. They have an obligation to the society to put their hand on the bible and cross their heart, to write the truth and nothing but the truth, whether writing about current events, personal lives or a news article.

A writer tries to pen down their emotions, imagination and creativity into a piece and then leaves it on the readers to appreciate the art they have created on paper. Writer always want their reader to treat them as their friends and create a bond, a relationship with their reader through their work and at the end of the book or article, this spectrum of relationship just ends on a good note or bad one according to the piece the writer has written. A parallel universe is created by a writer’s imagination; the creative entity designed is vastly complicated as it expects a lot from the reader also. The reader should also have the kind of vivid imagination and the understanding power that the drama of the writer is asking for, or in some cases the vivid imagination of the writers takes over the mind of the reader and takes the reader into the fantasy world of the writer and casts a magical spell so the readers falls in love with the writer’s art. Writing is a craft where you struggle and keep learning as you write about your day to day experiences, fiction stories, love tales, poetry, etc. This craft of writing cannot be mastered, it is merely a learning curve but as you progress you will get better at it.

Writing and music go hand in hand, writer’s sweet words are like the harmonious tones of a musician, and the meaning of the article or story is like a singer’s melodious voice. A well written article is like a symphony it can be read again and again. It is mesmerizing and you are just lost in the essence of the article.

I am a writer at heart,

I am a liberated soul,

I pledge to the world I will write what is true,

I will create magic with my words,

I will create ideas that ferment in the minds of the reader,

I will strive at becoming the greatest wordsmith,

I am a writer at heart,

I am a liberated soul

Keep writing people.