Break Free


They say follow your dreams, every poet, philosopher says that but its the saints of our society, the preacher’s who just passes on their false and historic ideologies which is carried on and on. No one changes only the lunacy is passed on. I say go a little wild, follow your heart, break free


To Victory


The  waves can be high, the winds might slow you down, the path to success shall appear bleak. Mediocrity and fools shall cross your path making it impossible to fight another battle. Give all the tribulations a long hard stare with vengeance in your eyes. Be an upfront to nature, take your ship and go head on and face the storm.

The beauty lies in winning the battle of endurance, glory and triumph shall shine upon you.

To Victory!!

Dreamer’s Dilemma



I have a theory about dreamers, they are emancipated from this stifling world of friends and family, materialism and future security holds no meaning to them, it’s very menial to them. They live on the edge and find happiness in their dreams, but happiness is the real enemy here, it weakens the soul and it puts doubt in the mind. The cloud of curiosity drifts on one’s mind and suddenly there is something to lose.

The question arises here is that, should dreamers hold on to their dreams and be fooled by the dreams they seek or move around, be nomadic, make each day a new horizon?

Tales of Ordinary Madness


High in the sky, with bright feathers, humming a sweet song which compliments the beautiful morning, free spirit, lost in the wonderland. This is how a free bird leads its life and everyday a new space with some new boundaries to cross and to celebrate life with new experiences.

I also want to be free, escaping the shackles of ordinary and menial life, the monotonous routine doesn’t excite me, I am a creative person, a little emotional, a little soft, life should be like art and like the flow of a brush life should change course. I crave for marvelous or excellence, to achieve the impossible and dazzle the world with it. My absurd existence should draw out a meaning to this life; happiness is top on my list, to escape from this cage and fly again. The soul is trapped with uncertainty about the future and fear of losing, I just want to run away from this melancholy prison and dive into madness.

Bomb Making – A Child’s Play

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I was browsing on the internet two days back and I came across an article about Syrian Army weapons factory and its youngest member Issa. Issa is 10 year old boy, who works at least ten hours a day in this weapons factory with his father. Only holidays he gets in a week is Friday.

This article was published on Yahoo news and there was a huge outcry as people called this as a big propaganda and a means of going to war with Syria. Now days everyone knows and have seen enough conspiracy theory videos to understand when they are being manipulated. One comment that really caught my eye was America should concentrate on getting its own act together and help the citizens of America, as young boys in Detroit are hustled by gang members into carrying drugs and weapons for them.

My heart goes out to these children who should be studying and not be serving as a bomb maker or drugs carrier anywhere in the world.

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Life, the Stubborn Evil


If all your life you try to get something, something more precious than your life. You have trained for it, fought for it, blood and tears shed in getting it. When it seems closer, suddenly you see it going away, you are losing control, you panic, you’re precious, your life’s work gone, and the situation becomes worse, chaotic even. Your philosophies and your ideologies, it all falls like a house of cards. Can you feel that?
This is life, the stubborn evil who wants to play by its rules.

Lost Dreams

I may be holding a dream which may never come true,
The one constant thing that held my life, my heart together, now I’m just sitting with winter blues,
Gather courage; chase your dreams and all other citations now seems like lies,
All my philosophies and ideologies are put to rest,
My courage and determination are put to test.
It’s a kind of sad that the dreams in which I am failing are the ones I remember the best.
Now the feeling of despair looms over my mind,
I dream of the only dream I had,
I have to be brave, I have to be kind but I can’t hold on long I might be going mad,
The voices in my head are screaming and prodding me,
I try to sleep, in my dream only failure in my quest I see,
Please someone tell me where did I go wrong?
Is following my heart a heinous sin for which you have to suffer for so long?
My mind is contemplating to get rid of these sorrows,
Alcohol, drugs and some pills, will they compel my worries away?
Now I just carry a smile for this mad world to treat me the same,
But this half hearten fake smile is also hard and these endeavors will also go in vain.
All these questions reap up in my head,
They say why do you fight? They say why do you endure? They say why don’t you runaway?
The racing of thoughts, the overwhelming confusion which replaces clarity, this is the new beginning of reality for me,
I’m just petrified to dream anymore and only eternal affliction I see.

The Fighter


For a fighter it’s all about wining but to win fare and square, they have to put everything on the line. Broken bones, cracked ribs, nose bleed and excruciating pain, these are common to a fighters life but their dreams is real and winning is the only criterion. I read somewhere that it’s all about wining; winning battles but the magic lies in fighting battles beyond endurance and it’s the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you.

Everyone is like a fighter in this world but only a few give hundred percent to achieve their dreams. For some people dreams are only there to get through the day but for some they are the sole purpose of their survival. Life is the stubborn evil that will play by its rules, constantly throwing some obstacles in your way even distorting your ideologies and philosophies. All your training, the bloodshed in achieving your dreams will seem like a waste.

Like a fighter we too have to fight, sometimes what life throws at us or fight our inner self to stay in control or to stay sane because there are no teams, there are no buddies, in this ring of life you are alone, only you. Life is like a boxing ring the boxer has to face several rounds to be a winner but in life the rounds are enduring. Muhammad Ali said “champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stranger than the skill.” In life the will to win is the essential ingredient to success and when you keep fighting and endure you will find the key to life, the key to winning.

“Life is like a boxing match,

Defeat is declared not when you fall, But when you refuse to stand again.”