This video is simply Awesome! Love it!
This is the video that which has a meaning and the lyrics are beautiful. The band hand has taken the social issues and presented in such a brilliant way. They should make more of this kind of music. This video urges me to go out there and do something meaningful, help humanity and be the change. I always wanted to contribute in the education sector as I believe education is the key to change and for a better future. But when I say education I don’t mean that we should teach the future generations only ABCs and some numbers to find a job but to teach them values, how to respect other people, race and religion discrimination, respect women, to make them a good human being.

Some lines from the video that I love.

Today in the comer of the world,
Someone is hungry,
Someone is homeless,
Someone is hurting,
That someone can be you.
I’m an average Joe,
Just trying to make ends meet,
Can I make a difference?
I am the difference,
Between justice and injustice,
Between right and wrong.
When someone takes a stand and says,
I am the end of poverty,
I am the different path,
I am the belief in your humanity,
I am the wave of compassion,
I am the end of ignorance,
I am the call for human rights,
I am the hand that heals mankind,
I am the light and vision of mankind,
I am the heart that keeps a child heart alive,
I am the dream that becomes reality,
What about now?