London – I miss you


I just love London, the city that has culture, history and at the same time the city is modernized as well as maintaining its heritage and essence. London has a vibrant soul and offers a great array of tourist spots, food, people, the frolic it’s all there.

London is promising, there is so much to explore, London is like a friend, if you are feeling lonely go enjoy the nightlife it will energize you, when you are in a mood to explore go and visit Buckingham Palace,  London Eye, Windsor Castle, Madame Tussaud’s  museum, London Bridge and Piccadilly street. When you are in a crazy mood go enjoy street shows.

While Leonardo da Vinci was painting Mona Lisa I think he had London in his mind, in the picture the way the hands rest on the arm chair depicts harmony and peace. The clothes imitate steady curves of the river, small roads behind her; the face expression is peaceful and modest. The background which has the hills, roads and the clouds all form a dreamy picture and giving more depth to the portrait. Leonardo da Vinci was putting all aspects of London in the portrait, Thames River, small roads, the message of peace and harmony which London portrays and most significant aspect was the smile which we all get when we are in the enchanting city.

London is like a first kiss can’t forget it; it is there in the back of your mind.

I miss you London.