Month: May 2013

Sunshine and Versatile Blogger Award

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Shivani thank you for nominating me for these two great awards and Shivani’s posts are sheer brilliance, do visit her blog at Every award is unique and awards are a way of saying that you have done a good job and can do better. It always feels great to be recognized for the work you do. Now will quickly go over the rules and bloggers I want to nominate for these awards.

The rules for the nomination are:-

  • Post the logo.
  • Accept the nomination and link back to the blog that nominated you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Nominate blogs and inform them of the nomination.
  • Post seven random facts about yourself.


 Favorite color: Black

Favorite animal: I have never had any pets but would like a parrot.

Favorite number: 5 is my lucky number.

Favorite Non-Alcoholic drink: Cold coffee.

Favorite Alcoholic drink: whiskey or 5 ‘O’ clock in the morning cocktail.

Favorite Facebook or twitter: Has to be Facebook and Titter sometimes.

My Passions: I like to DJ and have done gigs at my University.

Giving or receiving gifts: I love giving gifts to the person I like and making them feel special. Receiving gifts is also fun.

Favorite city: Has to be London where I have spent most crucial years of my life.

Favorite TV show: Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad and the list goes on and on.

Seven random facts about me!


  1. I like collecting pens.
  2. I want to start a gift day, like friendship day. Everyone should exchange gifts with their loved ones (crazy right).
  3. I spend half of my day, day dreaming. I easily float away to my fantasy world.
  4. Horror movies are my favorite but currently obsessed with movies based on true life events.
  5. I like to write quotes and currently reading about
  6. I love long drives.
  7. I have recently become a gym person, before the idea of gym got on my nervous.

The blogger whom I want to nominate

You guys are great and keep writing awesome stuff 🙂

Beautiful Girl with Gorgeous Eyes


In her eyes I see the love for me,

In her eyes I see the sparkle of our first kiss,

I can feel my heart beating when I see her eyes,

When I see her eyes I fall in love with her again and again,

Beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes.



I remember, the first time I met her,

Her beautiful lips spoke less and her eyes did the talking,

Her eyes made my heart wonder and lost its way,

I saw light in her dark colored eyes,

Staring into her eyes and her eyes gazing mine,

I feel she can sense the real me without any facade, looking deep inside my soul.



A Secret lies in her eyes,

A mystery which I want to solve,

I looked into her eyes to find myself but everything was a vague impression,

Tears came out of her saintly eyes,

Her eyes wander searching for something precious,

Her eyes gazed at him.



The silent truth was in the open,

Tears rolled down my eyes,

My eyes mislead me to this unrealistic dream.

We were never meant to be apart, yet this bitter depart


All broken hearts are closer to God,

I can’t convey these hurtful feelings to you my lord,

These feelings are taking over my soul,

The only mistake was letting you go my angel but that wasn’t my goal.



Our relationship involved great love,

The romantic journey with you was full of euphoria,

I always loved your gentle eyes,

The love in your eyes made me feel alive,

You took my hand and we walked till dawn.



I believed in the dangerous idea of love,

Look where it has taken me now,

I found myself on the floor with deep scars on my heart,

I am just waiting for this heart to stop beating.



Singing our favorite hymns, can that fix my broken heart?

Tell me my darling where have you hidden the pieces of my heart?

My darling, come back once to revive my dying heart,

My darling, be my lover again as you promised to play this part,

My darling, tell me why does my heart hurts which magical spells have you cast?

My darling, tell me why this bitter depart?



As they say a broken heart is not fatal only brings immense pain.

Beyond The Grave


With tears in their eyes loved ones may only pray,

Darkness shall creep in and loneliness will be the true companion,

Dreams, worldly treasures, love, hate will aid no more,

However much, one may cry or plead; going back will not be an option no more.



The final resting place,

There is little much beyond the grave,

A new journey, the unknown, a better land, a new and ultimate adventure,

Angels or demons dancing upon the grave,

The deeds done on this land will conclude the place in heaven or hell.



There will be voices from the sky,

Rest from the worldly labor they say,

Only the prior deeds will be assessed and will lead the way,

None shall interfere,

Truth shall be the guardian and lie shall be the assailant.



When the trumpet sounds, sounds from Gabriel’s trumpet,

Nature shall eat the flesh covering the soul,

Leaving only the naked soul to be judged by the al mighty,

Standing in the kingdom of God for the ultimate rendezvous,

Contemplate the journey beyond the grave.

The Path to Righteousness


Stay close to the fire in this dark land,
When we bleed we know we fought our finest,
Wise men will bow down before our courage,
Be brave, be bold, be the face of audacity and follow the path to righteousness.
Hear the voices of the dark,
Some are crying, some are dying,
Despair and sadness will ruin your soul,
Walk through the valley of the shadow of death; fear no evil, think of old victory for comfort,
Listen to your heart the inner vociferous voices prodding you, to be righteous still.
 The darkness will try to swallow our pride and the demons will lead you onto the path of no return,
Darkness will allure with worldly treasures,
Do not be a prey,
Do not surrender to its will,
Sing old hymns with the angels still,
Emerge a preeminent warrior out of the dark.
 The answers are not black and white,
The frail deeds done in the dark will be brought to the light,
Just believe in the golden age, it will revive the spirit of the dying light,
Come out with rage and let evil see your wrath,
Don’t be gentle and show no mercy to the demons obstructing the path of righteousness,
We shall stand, where victory and the bright light meets with glorious triumph smiling upon us.

Real Life Heroes


The Mandarin: Ladies, children, shield…

Some people call me a terrorist.

I consider myself a teacher.

Lesson Number One: Heroes. There’s no such thing.”

These are the lines from the famous movie Iron man 3. Everybody knows heroes don’t exists, the men and women with superpowers, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, in fact I believe heroes are ordinary people with extraordinary talent. Everybody has a hero inside of them but it is just a matter of time that they find it. So really search your soul, your inner self for this hero. This piece is dedicated to ordinary people doing extra ordinary things for the good of mankind.


Brad Corrigan has made abundant visits to Managua, Nicaragua where poverty and social injustice is prevailing. Today, he continues his fight against the distressing living conditions there with supporting and founding Love Light & Melody, a nonprofit organization.  Light and Melody works in Managua and is dedicated to battling physical, emotional and spiritual effects of extreme poverty.


Duane Silverstein runs a nonprofit organization with the sole focus of preserving island environments and cultures around the world. Seacology has launched 199 projects on islands around the world, conserving 159,312 acres (644.71 km2) of global habitat and 1,012,686 acres (4,098.19 km2) of marine ecosystems, and supporting indigenous island communities with schools, health clinics, and fresh water systems.


Leigh Blake started Keep a Child Alive in 2003 after an encounter at the AIDS Research and Family Care Clinic, a place which she helped fund, in Mombasa, Kenya. A woman brought her 3-year-old son for medical care, refusing to leave until she received the “drugs that is available in America for children. Blake who was already involved in the AIDS epidemic, using her background in the music industry co-founded the Red Hot Organization. Leigh told the lady with a 3 year old that she would pay for the drugs and so the idea for Keep a Child Alive was born. Keep a Child Alive brings attention to the already 30 million people that have been killed by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa and the millions more that are threatened and orphaned by the disease. KCA’s efforts continue to focus on sub-Saharan Africa as it remains the worst-affected region in the world.


John J. Wood is the founder of Room to Read which focuses on gender equality in education in Asia and Africa that has reached over 6 million children. He is also the author of “Creating Room to Read: A Story of Hope in the Battle for Global Literacy”, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: An Entrepreneur’s Odyssey to Educate the World’s Children and the children’s book Zak the Yak with Books on His Back. Wood’s co-founded Room to Read in 2001 with Dinesh Shrestha and Erin Ganju. Currently operating in ten countries throughout Asia and Africa Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, South Africa, Sri lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zambia). Room to Read programs develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the relevant life skills. As of July 2012, Room to Read has established over 1,600 schools and 13,500 libraries, distributed 11 million books, and published 707 local-language children’s books—benefiting 6 million children to date.

I salute these heroes and wish them luck in their mission.

Websites –

Sweet Friend of Mine


A little crazy with a vivid soul,
A little too honest with a heart of gold,
This is the sweet friend of mine with eyes full of hope.
She is bold as brass,
She is the girl with countless dreams,
Globetrotter, energetic, strong minded; these words describe her the best,
I thank whatever Gods may be, for giving me a friend full of zest.
She is the one, with whom I can share my sorrows and joy,
She is the light of hope when I see darkness in its awful shades around me,
The beautiful friend of mine who is always in high spirits,
She is made up of truth; ask her any question her opinion will not deceive,
Her soft voice is reminiscent melody of a song that brings harmony in my melancholy life.
Her kindly smile brings frolic and joy,
I experience the spiritual inspiration in trusting her as days go by,
And her helping hand truly glorifies this friendship of ours,
I to my pledged word am true I shall honor this friendship even if I have to reach for the stars,
I to my pledged word am true I shall not walk away,
Just whisper my name and I shall be there by your side,
Forever we go, hand in hand sweet friend of mine.

Life, the Stubborn Evil


If all your life you try to get something, something more precious than your life. You have trained for it, fought for it, blood and tears shed in getting it. When it seems closer, suddenly you see it going away, you are losing control, you panic, you’re precious, your life’s work gone, and the situation becomes worse, chaotic even. Your philosophies and your ideologies, it all falls like a house of cards. Can you feel that?
This is life, the stubborn evil who wants to play by its rules.

Lovers Rendezvous


Suddenly I realize it was an illusion, a dream and a window is merely open through which wind is gushing inside and making a whistling sound. I see her, her beautiful eyes gazing me and her hands are on my shoulders, the touch felt warm with the idea of love in her eyes. Her fragrance was similar to the flowers besides my bed. My heart is pounding and the time froze as we exchanged stare with those eyes piercing mine trying to scrutinize my soul. Her face had a smirk and she sat beside me on my bed as I took comfort in her arms and I couldn’t control myself, my tears began to flow. I missed her, day and night thought of not being with her brought pain and despair but now seeing her in front of me thoughts began to rush into my mind. She said the three words which brought amenity to my restless heart. She got up to leave and I tried to grab her hand but the flower vase fell making an earsplitting sound. Suddenly I realize it was an illusion, a dream and a window is merely open through which the wind was gushing inside and making a whistling sound.