Grace of London



On the streets of London,

Night at its darkest hour where despair is in abundance,

Eyes full of hope starring at the open sky,

Abomination towards mankind in heart calling happiness a big lie,

Despised by the ignorant society,

Midnight madness strikes her,

Crying her heart out like an infant,

She wandered on the streets of despair with a youthful harlots curse.


Reciting verses of Wordsworth,

Out of the dark,

A knight appeared,

Magnificent as a stallion he stands before her.


At the loneliest hour she experienced mankind’s sheer hatred and kindness in the same night,

He took her hand to the garden of hope,

Love struck grace with a wild card of existence,

She lay in the arms of the knight,

Only to discover it as a lonely dream,

A mere illusion leaving tears in her eyes.


The wind whispers a merry song again,

Her eyes lit up like the shimmering stars,

Gray November and white December shall die,

As the days go by,

On this ground her tears lie,

A flower besides her blossoms soothing her melancholic cries.


Demons & Angels


I shall count the stars in the sky,

This heart of mine is in pain as the days goes by.


The bright light of the moon is veiled by my iniquity,

Uprightness is lost like the treasures in the sea,

The prickling pain is sharp and constant,

Weeping and crying with shaking hands,

Joy and happiness is the dull fairy tale which was preached.


Soul friend of mine,

She sends her love,

On the wings of a dove,

I wonder what she will say,

If I tell her that I cry every day,

And I have to start all over again.

Tree of Life : A Son’s Odyssey


Into the depths of nature peer,

Hand in hand with his father he walks in the woods,

He only believes, there’s a miracle here,

But this was only a dream as he feared.

Standing on the porch a little boy with tears in his eyes,

His whole childhood filled with lies,

Awaiting his guardians love, his heart is filled with cries,

Waiting for the tiny tales that would put him to sleep,

His father scowled at him like a bolt of thunder,

Was this his bleak destiny he always wondered?

As time moves on,

These questions shall shape,

Where were your blessings?

Where were the fairy tales that would put me to sleep?

Where were the lessons of life?

Why did you considered me as a foe?

As the years move on,

His mended heart could take no more,

He saw others fathers would sweep them into a giggling ecstasy,

To be lost in wonderland called “the home” where they were shaken like a laughing rag,

He was far away from reality,

Just keeping faith and endure when tested the most.

He trusted in the lord with all his heart,

And not leaning on his own understanding,

Walking on the godly path,

Was only his part,

Constantly hearing the voices from heaven saying “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”

Mourning and desperately seeking for an island of sanity,

As he was drowning in sorrows, this was his only tragedy.

Wandering with Sorrow



I have wandered too far,

Nearing death with blinding sight,

I sit with loneliness blocking the path of hope,

Lost dreams and foolish hopes shall fill my grave.


Little more wine and little more crying,

Still drowning in the sorrows of life,

My tears fall upon the blinding dust of the earth,

Feeling sorry for my own ingratitude.


Half the night I waste in my own penance,

Half the night I waste in dreams of folly,

In a wakeful dose I sorrow.

“If we could see inside other people’s heart: Life

The scene is from Cleveland hospital in which the camera focuses on people as they are busy in their routine tasks. As the camera focuses on the people and their inner feelings are written on the screen and the hospital environment where lots of emotions are magnified – joy, sorrow, good and bad news, anxiety, fear etc.

We all go through these feeling everyday but here the emphasis or the message which this video is trying to showcase is “Empathy”. We all are busy in our daily lives but ignore feelings of our friends, colleagues, even strangers. Feelings are fragile, everyone has a story, and we just have to take a little time to listen to each other stories. Treat each other with respect, kindness and courtesy and most important is to empathize.

Lost Dreams

I may be holding a dream which may never come true,
The one constant thing that held my life, my heart together, now I’m just sitting with winter blues,
Gather courage; chase your dreams and all other citations now seems like lies,
All my philosophies and ideologies are put to rest,
My courage and determination are put to test.
It’s a kind of sad that the dreams in which I am failing are the ones I remember the best.
Now the feeling of despair looms over my mind,
I dream of the only dream I had,
I have to be brave, I have to be kind but I can’t hold on long I might be going mad,
The voices in my head are screaming and prodding me,
I try to sleep, in my dream only failure in my quest I see,
Please someone tell me where did I go wrong?
Is following my heart a heinous sin for which you have to suffer for so long?
My mind is contemplating to get rid of these sorrows,
Alcohol, drugs and some pills, will they compel my worries away?
Now I just carry a smile for this mad world to treat me the same,
But this half hearten fake smile is also hard and these endeavors will also go in vain.
All these questions reap up in my head,
They say why do you fight? They say why do you endure? They say why don’t you runaway?
The racing of thoughts, the overwhelming confusion which replaces clarity, this is the new beginning of reality for me,
I’m just petrified to dream anymore and only eternal affliction I see.

Eternal Darkness

I’m in love with the darkness of the night,
I’m in love with all that’s out of sight,
I’m in love with the magic of the new,
And the darkness loves me, too.

I hope you are not lonely without me,
As the darkness sets our imagination free,
Sorrow won’t let my heart alone,
But I have darkness to cover the tears that, sorrow got.

It’s very dark darling, too dark to see,
My love is gone and only darkness is with me.
This restless heart that I have to slay,
Then I will find some peace in this dark fray.

Please don’t sing that old sad hym, no more
those melancholic tones resonates inside my soul.
Darkness haunts my dreams,
I cannot bear the pain I receive.

I can’t forget the harm I have caused to the loved ones with whom I always fought,
The darkness is still inside me and my soul is now its slave
If I want to be happy I will have to fight a bit longer, than this day.
No matter how much I curse this darkness it is the only things that is real and I will live forever this way.

I’m in love with the darkness of the night,
I’m in love with all that’s out of sight,
I’m in love with the magic of the new,
And the darkness loves me, too.