Darkness Galore

dark_moon_by_martasyrko-d6srely_FotorWhen we get tired of the pain and suffering which follows us like our shadow, the mind gets exhausted. Hurting the ones we love or inflict pain on others gives us satisfaction; it’s like an ethereal trophy to keep beside us. But at some point of time when the pain gets excruciating we just go into little imaginary spaces and disconnect from the outside world leaving us numb, numb to any situation, numbness to the world. All the emotions just vanish into thin air and numbness becomes a virus spreading inch by inch until it covers our whole body. We always think pain is the worst feeling but this numbness and eternal silence inside me has created a hole leaving us hollow. We would do anything to feel pain again, to feel something.

Fear & Freedom

a7e56c860437fb0c79a70ec7d0cce776It’s all about success, for a freethinker the ultimate enemy is fear. Fear just blocks the ground-breaking new thoughts. It takes great courage to challenge fear and emerge victorious. Take the leap towards freedom and triumph will dance to your tunes.

Sinister Secrets Personified

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Secrets are an important part of our lives; there has to be some part of our lives which is hidden from the outside world. Secrets are truly a powerful source and it truly deserves our undivided attention at least once a week, to sit alone in a conscious state of mind and brood over it. Some have light secrets, some have dark secrets, secrets are a part of us, and they are the passenger within us. But sometimes because of the situation the secret passenger becomes the driver and we have to do something’s which we are not proud off, all we want at that time is to keep our secrets safe. Keeping the secret inside the closet becomes the ultimate goal.

No one wants their secrets to be revealed, laid in the open for the world to see like a flea market where second hand good sell at a bargain. Secrets spread like a wild fire once they are out and make us vulnerable.

Sometimes we also share our secrets with someone we trust and our trusted companion helps us keep our secret safe. You just give our soul to this companion or to this friend for safe keeping. Sometimes our secret is out and we don’t know about it but this unknown person keeps it secure for us and we live like everything is hunky dory.

Secrets are usually hidden in some lost dark vicinity of our heart, as long it is in there we are the tyrants sitting on our thrones made up of our secrets, as soon as the secret is personified we get dethroned.