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To Victory


The  waves can be high, the winds might slow you down, the path to success shall appear bleak. Mediocrity and fools shall cross your path making it impossible to fight another battle. Give all the tribulations a long hard stare with vengeance in your eyes. Be an upfront to nature, take your ship and go head on and face the storm.

The beauty lies in winning the battle of endurance, glory and triumph shall shine upon you.

To Victory!!

The Magic Words…….


Sometimes we find ourselves between the bewildering crossroads of life. Faith, hope & vision become menial, one’s own existence becomes a doubt and fear looms like a dark cloud. Our prose becomes dreary, constantly reaching out to the island of sanity but asylum is farfetched. Then we just need an angel to utter the magic verse…. “It’s going to be OK”

Dreamer’s Dilemma



I have a theory about dreamers, they are emancipated from this stifling world of friends and family, materialism and future security holds no meaning to them, it’s very menial to them. They live on the edge and find happiness in their dreams, but happiness is the real enemy here, it weakens the soul and it puts doubt in the mind. The cloud of curiosity drifts on one’s mind and suddenly there is something to lose.

The question arises here is that, should dreamers hold on to their dreams and be fooled by the dreams they seek or move around, be nomadic, make each day a new horizon?

Tales of Ordinary Madness


High in the sky, with bright feathers, humming a sweet song which compliments the beautiful morning, free spirit, lost in the wonderland. This is how a free bird leads its life and everyday a new space with some new boundaries to cross and to celebrate life with new experiences.

I also want to be free, escaping the shackles of ordinary and menial life, the monotonous routine doesn’t excite me, I am a creative person, a little emotional, a little soft, life should be like art and like the flow of a brush life should change course. I crave for marvelous or excellence, to achieve the impossible and dazzle the world with it. My absurd existence should draw out a meaning to this life; happiness is top on my list, to escape from this cage and fly again. The soul is trapped with uncertainty about the future and fear of losing, I just want to run away from this melancholy prison and dive into madness.

The Wanderer


As she stepped out in the open the glittering stars and the crimson sky made her face light up, her soul constantly seeking and craving for a new adventure, to step into the wild, feel the hustle of fresh air on her face. The scenario of unbound life filled her heart with joy.

A monotonous job or some social issues was never her concern she was more inclined towards a helter-skelter style of life, finding the meaning of life and admiring the beauty of it. The notion of cities with borders was absurd to her, the only thought she had was to get away, explore the things which god has placed around the world, this was her ultimate endeavor. She felt rejuvenated by new experiences; her search for happiness was not human companionship but to seek beauty in nature that made her happy. Her only dream was to seek new land, unravel the mysteries, never settle down, be a nomad, experience the ways of life and the only thought she had was to get away.

Her never ending journey and her love for the road, to travel far and conquer the world with her grace, the wanderlust had gripped her soul.

I call her  …”The Wanderer”

Rumi # Quotes # Writer # Ambiguous pool of thoughts

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing,

there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase each other

doesn’t make any sense”


Mankind has two options, to go with good or evil but sometimes the choices are not easy and everything is not “black” or “white” and the ambiguous path to glory has a thick layer of fog which makes the visibility to suffer. The conflict in the mind makes it difficult to choose between the two but the in the middle of black and white there lies an escape route which is referred to as the grey area. I feel writers find this grey area easily and the thoughts of a writer have the power to divert mankind to greater good. This is the paramount true.

Sinister Secrets Personified

Image Image

Secrets are an important part of our lives; there has to be some part of our lives which is hidden from the outside world. Secrets are truly a powerful source and it truly deserves our undivided attention at least once a week, to sit alone in a conscious state of mind and brood over it. Some have light secrets, some have dark secrets, secrets are a part of us, and they are the passenger within us. But sometimes because of the situation the secret passenger becomes the driver and we have to do something’s which we are not proud off, all we want at that time is to keep our secrets safe. Keeping the secret inside the closet becomes the ultimate goal.

No one wants their secrets to be revealed, laid in the open for the world to see like a flea market where second hand good sell at a bargain. Secrets spread like a wild fire once they are out and make us vulnerable.

Sometimes we also share our secrets with someone we trust and our trusted companion helps us keep our secret safe. You just give our soul to this companion or to this friend for safe keeping. Sometimes our secret is out and we don’t know about it but this unknown person keeps it secure for us and we live like everything is hunky dory.

Secrets are usually hidden in some lost dark vicinity of our heart, as long it is in there we are the tyrants sitting on our thrones made up of our secrets, as soon as the secret is personified we get dethroned.

Beyond The Grave


With tears in their eyes loved ones may only pray,

Darkness shall creep in and loneliness will be the true companion,

Dreams, worldly treasures, love, hate will aid no more,

However much, one may cry or plead; going back will not be an option no more.



The final resting place,

There is little much beyond the grave,

A new journey, the unknown, a better land, a new and ultimate adventure,

Angels or demons dancing upon the grave,

The deeds done on this land will conclude the place in heaven or hell.



There will be voices from the sky,

Rest from the worldly labor they say,

Only the prior deeds will be assessed and will lead the way,

None shall interfere,

Truth shall be the guardian and lie shall be the assailant.



When the trumpet sounds, sounds from Gabriel’s trumpet,

Nature shall eat the flesh covering the soul,

Leaving only the naked soul to be judged by the al mighty,

Standing in the kingdom of God for the ultimate rendezvous,

Contemplate the journey beyond the grave.