Grace of London



On the streets of London,

Night at its darkest hour where despair is in abundance,

Eyes full of hope starring at the open sky,

Abomination towards mankind in heart calling happiness a big lie,

Despised by the ignorant society,

Midnight madness strikes her,

Crying her heart out like an infant,

She wandered on the streets of despair with a youthful harlots curse.


Reciting verses of Wordsworth,

Out of the dark,

A knight appeared,

Magnificent as a stallion he stands before her.


At the loneliest hour she experienced mankind’s sheer hatred and kindness in the same night,

He took her hand to the garden of hope,

Love struck grace with a wild card of existence,

She lay in the arms of the knight,

Only to discover it as a lonely dream,

A mere illusion leaving tears in her eyes.


The wind whispers a merry song again,

Her eyes lit up like the shimmering stars,

Gray November and white December shall die,

As the days go by,

On this ground her tears lie,

A flower besides her blossoms soothing her melancholic cries.


Sad Souvenir


Restless heart is craving for something unknown,

Never ending search for peace I walk alone,

To start a new journey million miles away,

Looking for the ultimate adventure and escape these shades of grey.


Home sick for a place I haven’t been,

I wandered to the glistering city of Venice,

Crying under the bridge of sighs was my penance,

My soul is lost on the streets of black Venice,

Soon this serenity shall also vanish.


I wandered to my favorite city,

To feel freedom smiling and running into my arms,

To rediscover myself and rejuvenate the spirit with new experiences,

But the dark skies and the drizzle doesn’t illuminate the idea of hope,

This is my melancholy London,

Where I thought joy was abundant.


The journey to find the meaning of life,

New faces I met their ideology brought me a never ending strife,

Again walking under the withering blue skies of desperation,

Now love becomes an aversion,

Absurd travel that brought only tears,

I could only gather a sad souvenir.

London – I miss you


I just love London, the city that has culture, history and at the same time the city is modernized as well as maintaining its heritage and essence. London has a vibrant soul and offers a great array of tourist spots, food, people, the frolic it’s all there.

London is promising, there is so much to explore, London is like a friend, if you are feeling lonely go enjoy the nightlife it will energize you, when you are in a mood to explore go and visit Buckingham Palace,  London Eye, Windsor Castle, Madame Tussaud’s  museum, London Bridge and Piccadilly street. When you are in a crazy mood go enjoy street shows.

While Leonardo da Vinci was painting Mona Lisa I think he had London in his mind, in the picture the way the hands rest on the arm chair depicts harmony and peace. The clothes imitate steady curves of the river, small roads behind her; the face expression is peaceful and modest. The background which has the hills, roads and the clouds all form a dreamy picture and giving more depth to the portrait. Leonardo da Vinci was putting all aspects of London in the portrait, Thames River, small roads, the message of peace and harmony which London portrays and most significant aspect was the smile which we all get when we are in the enchanting city.

London is like a first kiss can’t forget it; it is there in the back of your mind.

I miss you London.