Life Struggles


Tall buildings, traffic everywhere, busy and fast life; this is the big city where everybody is constantly running 24/7. This is where I stand, just a small little puppy. I am lost in this big city but I have just one idea, one dream, this is my life.

Constantly failing and getting bruised battered but the dream I have will not let me give up, it urges me to build my life piece by piece.  I will reconstruct my soul and conquer my fears; my dream is simple to cross this fence in front of me.

Mediocre dogs see themselves wilting in my shadow as none of them has the ability to understand me. They never will. They taunt me and make fun of me and sometimes call my dream hopeless, trying to disfigure them but I stand strong, the only warrior in their way to crush my dreams. I will not give up at any cost. Every time I think of my dream it gives me a great high with a dopamine release.

I try to jump over the fence but I fail and in the process of trying I got hurt and bruised. Once again I am pushed into the fray, to face another battle and it is all about winning but the magic lies in winning battle beyond endurance and risking it all for a dream that nobody sees but you.  I can hear my inner voice whispering “don’t be afraid to achieve your dreams”.

I am the force of nature, old failures will not halt, old victory will aid, and I am the master of my providence I shall never give up and carry on my quest. This is my life.

  “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

― Mark Twain


  1. Nice post. Capture the struggle of day to day life we all are facing. On name of development we are losing many things.Anyways thanks for following my blog I am looking forward to explore new things from your blog. 🙂

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