Feeling the Pressure


Today is world health day and the tag line of world health organization is control your blood pressure. In the morning when I looked at the newspaper it had two full pages on health and it was dedicated to hypertension as World Health Organization has dedicated this year to perils of untreated hypertension on ones heart, kidneys and brain. W.H.O. is calls this epidemic the silent killer and a global public cries. There is no cure for it and only 5% of the cases can be cured and others are left in the dark. They just have to rely on medicines and criteria outlined by doctors. W.H.O. have also given remedies to reduce blood pressure like losing extra pounds, exercising regularly, eating healthy, limit alcohol intake, avoid tobacco, cutback on caffeine, reduce stress and get support from friends and family.

I am writing about hypertension because I also suffer from it. I have got it checked and my doctor say I am young hypertensive; the newspaper describes me as stage 2 hypertensive. Whatever doctors say, I feel fine but because of certain situations like work and personal life issues I tend to get agitated but that’s the case of every twenty seven year old, isn’t it?

In today’s fast life people are getting the heat, people want more, nothing is sufficient, the greed is always there, greed follows us like our shadow, and it’s a part of us. More we want more struggles we have to do. It takes a toll on our body and our brain. I blame the mind sets and the modern society for this epidemic. So much competition, so much options, so much social obligations and so much to lose.

“I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.”
― Steve Maraboli