Ambiguous Pool of Thoughts


We are always changing with time and it’s a vital part of our lives and it can be anything, change in habits, friends, clothes, thoughts etc. I have also changed; a vital part of me has changed which are my past memories. Now it includes two needles, an arm band and some delusional thoughts which I have sometimes.


  1. interesting thoughts of change….
    as is the addiction that takes away the pain…
    the problem was nothing took away the pain…no matter what I tried or did…
    I decided it was a lesson of major importance within this lifetime…hopefully
    I succeed in mastering this lesson, for I don’t want to ever do it again…
    so I go with its flow….and just keep silent within lines of words…( that could be considered an addiction too I suppose)
    I hope as is well in part of the world…
    Take Care…You Matter….

    1. Mary your lesson of going with the flow is brilliant and the pain will not go away instead be pushed to the background. I guess the mind will be at ease if we just let go.

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