valentines day

Overrated Love


The word “LOVE” is overrated and it is just a word passed on from our ancestors to keep relationships glued together. The continuum of relationships is vastly complicated with different relationships having different definitions of love. Here I am not just stressing on boyfriend-girlfriend relationships but also family relationship, friendships, work colleagues etc. In these relationships love is involved but it varies from relationship to relationship, in some it will be more or less. As we explore more about relationships certain emotions are also involved, these emotions make our relationships strong or weak. These emotions play a vital role in shaping a person’s personality and attitude as well.

In relationships certain amount of expectations are also present. Love and expectations are correlated, where love is concerned certain expectations arise and thus forming a give and take relationship. Certain questions also arise as it is still unclear that the feeling of love which is said to be eternal and with no expectations.

Are we just brainwashed by great poets as they have expressed love to be divine and have painted a greater than life picture in their poems?

Is love just a made up word to sell more roses on Valentine’s Day?

Or the word “Love” actually holds some meaning in our lives? Is love really divine?

Do we just have an idea about love?

Is it the void in our heart filled by great writers by intensifying love in their literature?

What is the truth?