Tears in your eyes


 This time of the night,
Brings a little fear,
Brings a little tears,
But I am holding on,
I am a little scared,
To ask you the reason for your regret.
The sadness in your eyes is prodding my heart,
To give you happiness was my only part,
Now that I don’t know the bitter truth,
This fragile heart of mine cannot take your silent tears,
Hold my hand and we shall abandon this house of blues.
I am suffering in gloomy state-of-affairs,
Melancholy is in the air,
The melancholic secret in your heart and the tainted smile from you to me,
Is driving a prickly pain inside my heart,
Wondering how to interpret your tears and unshackle you of these chains of despair.
Don’t cry my love I can see no more,
These cries of yours resonates inside my soul,
I will drag happiness to your door,
Even if I have to fight with the almighty God once more.
Your silence is forcing me to take this inevitable long plunge into madness.