Bomb Making – A Child’s Play

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I was browsing on the internet two days back and I came across an article about Syrian Army weapons factory and its youngest member Issa. Issa is 10 year old boy, who works at least ten hours a day in this weapons factory with his father. Only holidays he gets in a week is Friday.

This article was published on Yahoo news and there was a huge outcry as people called this as a big propaganda and a means of going to war with Syria. Now days everyone knows and have seen enough conspiracy theory videos to understand when they are being manipulated. One comment that really caught my eye was America should concentrate on getting its own act together and help the citizens of America, as young boys in Detroit are hustled by gang members into carrying drugs and weapons for them.

My heart goes out to these children who should be studying and not be serving as a bomb maker or drugs carrier anywhere in the world.

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