Demons & Angels


I shall count the stars in the sky,

This heart of mine is in pain as the days goes by.


The bright light of the moon is veiled by my iniquity,

Uprightness is lost like the treasures in the sea,

The prickling pain is sharp and constant,

Weeping and crying with shaking hands,

Joy and happiness is the dull fairy tale which was preached.


Soul friend of mine,

She sends her love,

On the wings of a dove,

I wonder what she will say,

If I tell her that I cry every day,

And I have to start all over again.

Wandering with Sorrow



I have wandered too far,

Nearing death with blinding sight,

I sit with loneliness blocking the path of hope,

Lost dreams and foolish hopes shall fill my grave.


Little more wine and little more crying,

Still drowning in the sorrows of life,

My tears fall upon the blinding dust of the earth,

Feeling sorry for my own ingratitude.


Half the night I waste in my own penance,

Half the night I waste in dreams of folly,

In a wakeful dose I sorrow.

The Mask

53241381716340847Impatient racing of my heart with a dim corner for compassion,

Trying to cling onto something corporeal,

My pain getting constant and sharp,

The cries getting louder and callous,

The gloomy feeling rules my heart.


The continuum of happiness is bleak,

Tired of this illusory which I perform every day that validates my existence in society,

The hollow conscience and the eradicating morals,

Blanket of stars brings solace to this restless heart,

Millions of the just glowing in darkness.


This is God’s own curse whether day or night,

The fake smile and the dreary face make it evidently clear of the fanatic cries,

Poison on my mind and the black coffin in my sight,

Abandoned by the near and dear ones,

Just throw my corpse where sadness cannot mourn,

Tired of being trapped behind this mask of despair.

Grey Sky





I must travel through the darkness of the night,

Bright light from my burning heart will show the way,

The bleeding thoughts cannot contain in my mind,

My grace is long gone,

This is what I feel now.


I have dug a hole in the ground,

With flowers all around,

To rest in peace,

Where no one can tease.


Let the drama unfold,

Let the dear ones know that I died from inside long ago,

To breathe each day is an endless chore,

This is the night of endless endurance,

I can’t escape this grey sky,

I close my eyes so that I can forget this lie.

This is how I feel now.



Walking away, she is walking away; she is walking to the point of no return. Many sleepless nights and many troubled days, I cannot feel myself again. The friendship I adored has ran its course. All the promises we made to each other are broken and seem pointless. The smile, singing and dancing all seems as a festering dream as I want be able to experience it no more.

I cannot feel myself, hollow from inside and there is just an idea of me, a walking set of bones and flesh but the real me is intoxicated with pain. There is no real me. I just have become the slave to your love. My heart is there no more, my feelings are there no more and my affection is there no more. There are two parts of me one is angry about the circumstances and the other one is in pain and doesn’t care about the circumstances.

With your memories I spend my nights and my shattered soul is prodding me with the same question again and again, how to live without you? Why should I breath, just tell me the reason, why all the lies, why all the cries, why this love become bitter? What have you done my sweetest friend? The feeling of hurt, pain and sadness is the only thing that’s left. The words you said are killing me every minute.

I have realized that my heart would not get over the fact that you are gone, I have failed in my quest of love but my heart doesn’t process these facts. So I have locked my heart in a safe behind the painting on the wall. I feel sad and hurt; the treasures of love is dwindling, and just want to say no matter how hurt I feel I will love you, no more. I just want to say no matter how tough the situation is I will love you, no more. I just want to say no matter how dark this path may be without you I will love you, no more. No more……