Break Free


They say follow your dreams, every poet, philosopher says that but its the saints of our society, the preacher’s who just passes on their false and historic ideologies which is carried on and on. No one changes only the lunacy is passed on. I say go a little wild, follow your heart, break free


The Cries of the World


Those days are gone,

When life was bliss and a happy song,

When people were unafraid to dream,

When love was blind,

The world was innocent as a child’s smile.


Now moral have declined,

Manacles of corruption and materialism grips society,

Pillars of humanity has taken a beating,

Kindness is a symbol of weakness,

Oppression, suppression and tyranny we look forward to,

Immorality is flourishing.


The cries and lies I see all over,

Poor and vulnerable are cast out in the open,

Love is fading away,

Dawn is far away,

Peace is doomed.

secrets graphic

Secrets are like dark nights, black as a pit. Everyone has one, some are guilty of it, some try to live with, and some make peace with it and some just lock it in a safe behind the painting.

Our conscious is never free, without any obligation, there is always something clinging on. There is no control but until secrets are hidden deep inside we feel in control.
Pinching, pestering and prodding its owner of its existence and making sure that it is not forgotten but, once exposed, the owner becomes its slave. Secrets are burden and it can be painful for our soul to carry it around. The idea of tossing secrets into the open is there, in front of the world but we are never ready for when our secrets are tossed into the open.
The big question is; will we get the inner peace if we set our secrets free or will it end the peace we have now?