The Clown with the Dreary Fate



These feelings won’t go away,

Like a sad clown who wears a happy mask,

Tired of pretending to love the things I do,

The melancholy voice,

The journey itself is monotonous n unfulfilling,

Making people laugh in the circus of despair,

The pretentious joy is like a curse.

Grey Sky





I must travel through the darkness of the night,

Bright light from my burning heart will show the way,

The bleeding thoughts cannot contain in my mind,

My grace is long gone,

This is what I feel now.


I have dug a hole in the ground,

With flowers all around,

To rest in peace,

Where no one can tease.


Let the drama unfold,

Let the dear ones know that I died from inside long ago,

To breathe each day is an endless chore,

This is the night of endless endurance,

I can’t escape this grey sky,

I close my eyes so that I can forget this lie.

This is how I feel now.