High on Friendship


On the crossroad of life,

I met a familiar face, who I call my friend,

Her friendship is refreshing like the morning dew,

When I see darkness and a little strife,

She is a ray of sunshine in my life.

A girl with countless dreams,

Her aim in life is to seek joy in the present,

According to her dependency on the future is a repent,

Every Friday she lights up a cigarette with a shot of whiskey,

Telling her to fasten the car seat belt may be a little risky,

Dancing to the tunes of Yo Yo honey,

Zipping through traffic with hands in the air, people find this a little funny.

This friend of mine is a little crazy with a vivid soul,

A little too honest with a heart of gold,

I call her, goddess Athena,

She is bold as a brass,

Be careful of her lioness roar,

I call her, goddess Venus,

She is kind hearted and showering joy, is her daily chore.

Her divine grace lights up my life like a melodious song,

She is the answer to my prayers,

In this inhuman town, she is the face of humanity,

Oh lord! Please keep her by my side,

You only have this to abide.


This is the face that I know,

Which has the same familiar glow,

I think I must have known her from somewhere once before,

This is the face that I so adore.


Old Familiar Friend


In the crowd I saw a familiar face,
It had been a while since we had met,
The old memories of you and me came to my mind,
I had forgotten your name,
But the feelings remains the same.

The smile on my face told the story,
How much I adored you as the time spent with you was hunky-dory,
In this crowd I spotted a familiar face,
I ran towards you to say some old familiar words.

Your sweet voice touched my heart,
Meeting you is another start,
Old wines and old friends are not apart.

I loved the way we talked till the sunset,
I loved the teasing and the pleasing,
I loved the way when you were by my side,
These are the feeling that I want to show.

A long embrace brought some old memories of you to my mind,
You are a traveler with a zesty soul and a gentle smile,
Full of drama and the fashion sense higher than the empire state,
Sweetest voice with eyes full of hope,
Strong headed and bold as brass,
A little lazy but smart as a whip,
Care and affection runs deep inside you,
You are the real deal,
This is how I feel.

These are some old familiar words that describe you,
Stay in my heart forever my old familiar friend.

We were never meant to be apart, yet this bitter depart


All broken hearts are closer to God,

I can’t convey these hurtful feelings to you my lord,

These feelings are taking over my soul,

The only mistake was letting you go my angel but that wasn’t my goal.



Our relationship involved great love,

The romantic journey with you was full of euphoria,

I always loved your gentle eyes,

The love in your eyes made me feel alive,

You took my hand and we walked till dawn.



I believed in the dangerous idea of love,

Look where it has taken me now,

I found myself on the floor with deep scars on my heart,

I am just waiting for this heart to stop beating.



Singing our favorite hymns, can that fix my broken heart?

Tell me my darling where have you hidden the pieces of my heart?

My darling, come back once to revive my dying heart,

My darling, be my lover again as you promised to play this part,

My darling, tell me why does my heart hurts which magical spells have you cast?

My darling, tell me why this bitter depart?



As they say a broken heart is not fatal only brings immense pain.

Sweet Friend of Mine


A little crazy with a vivid soul,
A little too honest with a heart of gold,
This is the sweet friend of mine with eyes full of hope.
She is bold as brass,
She is the girl with countless dreams,
Globetrotter, energetic, strong minded; these words describe her the best,
I thank whatever Gods may be, for giving me a friend full of zest.
She is the one, with whom I can share my sorrows and joy,
She is the light of hope when I see darkness in its awful shades around me,
The beautiful friend of mine who is always in high spirits,
She is made up of truth; ask her any question her opinion will not deceive,
Her soft voice is reminiscent melody of a song that brings harmony in my melancholy life.
Her kindly smile brings frolic and joy,
I experience the spiritual inspiration in trusting her as days go by,
And her helping hand truly glorifies this friendship of ours,
I to my pledged word am true I shall honor this friendship even if I have to reach for the stars,
I to my pledged word am true I shall not walk away,
Just whisper my name and I shall be there by your side,
Forever we go, hand in hand sweet friend of mine.

Friendship Dilemma

Friends forever, true friend, close friends, friendship; I find the whole spectrum very complicated. You don’t know how the other person in the relationship takes it, is he or she on the same wave length as you? The true friend scenario is often shown in movies; a friend goes out of the way to help the other friend but what about real life does these “true friends” really exists?

Sometimes you hurt your friend non intentionally and later regret, also try hard to keep the essence of friendship intact. Friendship is fragile a little pressure can break it and no cure; no healing method is described in any book.

I just want to say, no matter what, I will love you.


Day or night is the same for me, as I dream in the day and stay awake in the night, I don’t know if that’s all right. The sweet dreams I have are also hazy, I am always standing in front of a door with a daisy. Smiling and dancing in the garden, are the dreams I have. My heart is filled with cheerful thoughts, I feel a changed man. I am concerned as now days I like red colour and see the world with hope and everything is so colourful and blissful.

Extra vigilant I am, as the friendship is new, my love is new. Day and night I dream about her, our first coffee, our first dance, us holding hands, her sweet smile, me playing with her hair, these are the sweet thoughts that hold my mind at ransom. Singing and dancing apart, I am a little nervous also as I have to summon courage to tell her about my drunken heart, which is in love with her. I request the teachers of love; give me some tips, some clues, some classes on love so that I can emerge victorious.

My love, my love, oh my love, stand by me forever, I need you. I look into your eyes and see the love for me, which is the sheer bliss I have been searching for. Love changes you, it sets you free, and it brings a smile on your face that sets everything straight. When you are with the one you love you feel invincible, eternal happiness seems possible and the notion of conquering the world seems like a child’s play. I feel rich; the treasure of love is growing, and just wants to say no matter how the day ends up, I will love you.

I just want to say no matter how tough the situation is I will love you.

I just want to say no matter how far I stay, I will love you.

I will love you.