Romeo & Juliet


 Romeo and Juliet is the heartwarming work of Shakespeare, the tragic romance with a poetic drama structure, it defines romance itself, the bible of romance. Let me just stop there and warn you that this is no Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” but a story of two lovers which I discovered in an articles few days back.

A true love story which sees no barriers and lets us believe that love is blind, this story is of Ali and Gloria which has made waves and is the most discussed love stories on the internet. There is one problem in this story that Gloria is overweight and Ali is fit and Ali loves to work out every day. But the society cannot digest the fact that Ali is dating Gloria and the overweight issue. I have appended the link of the article which is called “My girlfriend weighs more than me. So what? This article will give insights and details about the life of these two people and how they met?