A Prayer



In the swamp,

A secluded soul hidden behind the thorns,

There is a comfort in the relationship I share with this lonely sky,

Why God why?

I screamed, I wept after this soul crushing defeat.


I sing the hymns with a bleeding throat,

May death sweep me of my feet to ease the pain of the melancholy life,

Avoiding the settlement,

The angels leave me to grieve in solitude.


The voices in my head grew louder,

That I must bow so low before the mighty lord,

To bring solace to the troublesome soul,

Frantic shouts to the lord, to let me weep through the night,

There may be joy in the morning which may bring some light.


The cryptic voices from me to the lonesome nature,

Is the omnipotent, one with the heart that deviseth wicked imaginations?

Is he the one with mischief and a false idol?

Dancing the dance of the devil on the fiddlers tune?


All hope blown away with the wind,

Darkness looms over the deprived soul,

Evil flourishes.

Tree of Life : A Son’s Odyssey


Into the depths of nature peer,

Hand in hand with his father he walks in the woods,

He only believes, there’s a miracle here,

But this was only a dream as he feared.

Standing on the porch a little boy with tears in his eyes,

His whole childhood filled with lies,

Awaiting his guardians love, his heart is filled with cries,

Waiting for the tiny tales that would put him to sleep,

His father scowled at him like a bolt of thunder,

Was this his bleak destiny he always wondered?

As time moves on,

These questions shall shape,

Where were your blessings?

Where were the fairy tales that would put me to sleep?

Where were the lessons of life?

Why did you considered me as a foe?

As the years move on,

His mended heart could take no more,

He saw others fathers would sweep them into a giggling ecstasy,

To be lost in wonderland called “the home” where they were shaken like a laughing rag,

He was far away from reality,

Just keeping faith and endure when tested the most.

He trusted in the lord with all his heart,

And not leaning on his own understanding,

Walking on the godly path,

Was only his part,

Constantly hearing the voices from heaven saying “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”

Mourning and desperately seeking for an island of sanity,

As he was drowning in sorrows, this was his only tragedy.

The Path to Righteousness


Stay close to the fire in this dark land,
When we bleed we know we fought our finest,
Wise men will bow down before our courage,
Be brave, be bold, be the face of audacity and follow the path to righteousness.
Hear the voices of the dark,
Some are crying, some are dying,
Despair and sadness will ruin your soul,
Walk through the valley of the shadow of death; fear no evil, think of old victory for comfort,
Listen to your heart the inner vociferous voices prodding you, to be righteous still.
 The darkness will try to swallow our pride and the demons will lead you onto the path of no return,
Darkness will allure with worldly treasures,
Do not be a prey,
Do not surrender to its will,
Sing old hymns with the angels still,
Emerge a preeminent warrior out of the dark.
 The answers are not black and white,
The frail deeds done in the dark will be brought to the light,
Just believe in the golden age, it will revive the spirit of the dying light,
Come out with rage and let evil see your wrath,
Don’t be gentle and show no mercy to the demons obstructing the path of righteousness,
We shall stand, where victory and the bright light meets with glorious triumph smiling upon us.