Tree of Life : A Son’s Odyssey


Into the depths of nature peer,

Hand in hand with his father he walks in the woods,

He only believes, there’s a miracle here,

But this was only a dream as he feared.

Standing on the porch a little boy with tears in his eyes,

His whole childhood filled with lies,

Awaiting his guardians love, his heart is filled with cries,

Waiting for the tiny tales that would put him to sleep,

His father scowled at him like a bolt of thunder,

Was this his bleak destiny he always wondered?

As time moves on,

These questions shall shape,

Where were your blessings?

Where were the fairy tales that would put me to sleep?

Where were the lessons of life?

Why did you considered me as a foe?

As the years move on,

His mended heart could take no more,

He saw others fathers would sweep them into a giggling ecstasy,

To be lost in wonderland called “the home” where they were shaken like a laughing rag,

He was far away from reality,

Just keeping faith and endure when tested the most.

He trusted in the lord with all his heart,

And not leaning on his own understanding,

Walking on the godly path,

Was only his part,

Constantly hearing the voices from heaven saying “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”

Mourning and desperately seeking for an island of sanity,

As he was drowning in sorrows, this was his only tragedy.


  1. such sadness for a little boy to carry on his heart
    I always wonder if it really goes away
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. When the pain is constant, it leaves a feeling of numbness and eternal silence and I guess it begins to feel as the pain is a part of you. You can’t escape it, it follows you like a shadow.

      1. there are moments when I let it go, but I can never remember how I did it..
        who would have thought numb could could have such a strong feeling
        you are right that it seems a part of you, maybe the shadow is the human-ness and the light is the spirit…
        if so then we carry it until we are no more mortal I think…
        I sometimes think since I chose my lessons in this human life this time, I must have bee arrogant to think I would be able to a stone that grew no moss or as human not having to deal with pain…
        oh well such as life…I breathe one moment at a time and I am Grateful for all the beauty in between those…
        ( I spend a lot of time in Nature to feel )
        Take Care…You Matter…

      2. I think the path you have chosen is absolutely right and the shadow is the human-ness but don’t ever let the shadows conquer your soul, fight as hard as you can, give it everything you got. Pain is a part of us we have to accept just find a way to reduce the affect of the pain and you will be alright.
        Spending time with nature is also brilliant as it has a soothing effect.
        Thank you Maryrose

      3. You are welcome
        and Thank you for sharing such thought provoking words

      4. It is always wonderful to have you around and the thoughts you share are always cherished.
        Thank you for sharing such brilliant words 🙂

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