Sad Souvenir


Restless heart is craving for something unknown,

Never ending search for peace I walk alone,

To start a new journey million miles away,

Looking for the ultimate adventure and escape these shades of grey.


Home sick for a place I haven’t been,

I wandered to the glistering city of Venice,

Crying under the bridge of sighs was my penance,

My soul is lost on the streets of black Venice,

Soon this serenity shall also vanish.


I wandered to my favorite city,

To feel freedom smiling and running into my arms,

To rediscover myself and rejuvenate the spirit with new experiences,

But the dark skies and the drizzle doesn’t illuminate the idea of hope,

This is my melancholy London,

Where I thought joy was abundant.


The journey to find the meaning of life,

New faces I met their ideology brought me a never ending strife,

Again walking under the withering blue skies of desperation,

Now love becomes an aversion,

Absurd travel that brought only tears,

I could only gather a sad souvenir.



  1. when I read your thoughts I wonder if your energy is sad…as your words…
    London was too much for me…so much sadness and anger under the surface…
    so much the rain couldn’t wash it away….
    I hope you have a night of peace-filled dreams….
    the pictures are wonderful…i really like the first one…
    a story within your story it whispers…
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. I love London, its my favorite city and I with a heavy heart wrote some sad words about it. I guess not being in London made me write these words.

      Thanks Maryrose and i also like the first picture, it is a story within itself.

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