The Cries of the World


Those days are gone,

When life was bliss and a happy song,

When people were unafraid to dream,

When love was blind,

The world was innocent as a child’s smile.


Now moral have declined,

Manacles of corruption and materialism grips society,

Pillars of humanity has taken a beating,

Kindness is a symbol of weakness,

Oppression, suppression and tyranny we look forward to,

Immorality is flourishing.


The cries and lies I see all over,

Poor and vulnerable are cast out in the open,

Love is fading away,

Dawn is far away,

Peace is doomed.



      1. Ah you’re most welcome. Honestly, your poetry is so good (I find it incredibly hard to write.) Thank you! I will enjoy reading your feedback & intend to comment on your blog more often!

      2. Ah you’re most welcome. Do you really think so? I have to admit that I really feel like I’m struggling with it at the moment 😦

      3. Your blog is unique and the characters are quite nice, other blogs just have their mundane life stories.
        Dont worry dear you will think of something interesting in the coming parts of P & P 🙂

      4. Ah thank you, I’m really glad that my characters are likeable 🙂
        I have to admit that I find it hard to find other fiction blogs on here!

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