Demon Inside



Those days are gone,

When my mornings began with a happy song,

When I felt my soul is blessed in some saintly ways,

My angelic belief slayed by an evil foe,

Trying to hide my eyes,

There is something evil inside.


I am shackled in silence,

A curse is draped around my soul,

You may see the sinful glee and my wrath shall be unleashed,

The need grows to personify my evil ways,

The devil inside me shall dance to the fiddler’s tunes on odd days,

A beast, monster, and devil whatever you may call it,

These are my evil ways.


I sit close to a grave,

This is the triumph of my evil slay,

The satanic verses resonates inside my soul,

This beast shall ruin any preparation of the gospel of peace,

Love, trust, forgiveness shall emerge frail,

Passage of light shall be turned into the valley of shadows,

The devil shall assume a pleasing shape to allure my diseased mind,

I the servant of sin shall obey the beast’s command and commit to these insidious deeds.


Darkness shall prevail,

These enormous inner urges shall grow,

The monster shall be set free to unleash its rage,

Morals shall decline,

Good shall suffer and bear its unwilling fate.



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