The Oscar Goes…… Dragon Loyalty Award, ABC, Versatile & More

oscars_logo_1360686416127_372302_ver1_Fotor_CollageThe feeling is so overwhelming when you receive an award that the paramount possession of a writer which is his words also becomes insignificant in front of the feeling.

After receiving an award I feel like a superstar, walk down the red carpet in some designer clothes, photographs taken, wave a little, and get seated, Seth MacFarlen cracking jokes on Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship (Chrishanna) and waiting for the grand ceremony to unfold, just like the Oscars.

Acceptance Speech

I wish to thank Vinita and Josephine for nominating me for these awards, these awards are an appreciation and encouragement for me and I shall work even harder now. I would like to thank my followers for motivating me and commenting on my posts. Yada Yada Yada

Do visit Vinita’s and Josephine blog


Josephine –

The Dragon Loyalty Awards – Rules

7 things about me:

  1. I like to DJ and have done gigs at my University.
  2. I am just in love with London (U.K).
  3. I want to start a gift day, like friendship day. Everyone should exchange gifts with their loved ones (crazy right).
  4. I spend half of my day, day dreaming. I easily float away to my fantasy world.
  5. I don’t know how to handle rude people.
  6. Horror movies are my favorite.
  7. I am currently obsessed with body building.

These are the few of my favorite bloggers who have wonderful blog and I want to nominate them.

desktop1 dragons-loyalty-award1


  1. Out into the sky, ready to run
    along the glimmer of walkway
    it reveals, we do not assume
    but I grow my wings
    as the wind kisses my face
    and we have to give thanks
    to and from my beloveds
    for we have left the ground
    and we thank you for
    recognizing us.

  2. Juned…. Congrats on the awards which you absolutely deserve. And hope you come across many more…..

    And thank you for the nomination I m touched that you still have me on your mind and you keep visiting my world and leaving such lovely gifts. I truly cherish them Juned…..

    1. Your words are very kind Shivani! I believe your blog is utter brilliance and your poems are marvelous, I will always visit your world 🙂

  3. Well Juned….the bribery effect was quite good….Directly Oscar!!!!!….:)…But my funda of each one deserves one continues……so not accpeting the awards henceforth…..Congrats to everyone in that sense….Have a nice day !!!

    1. Vinita thank you for the nomination, I have compared these awards to the Oscars because my words were not able to express the gratitude and wanted to show you all that these awards mean a lot to me.

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