Ray of Light – Happiness Intensified (5 Awards)

award 2

Writers are a little crazy to be honest, the creative imaginations of a writer is like the depth of the ocean. You can’t see how far it will go and certainly the naked eye cannot see the treasures lying around at the bottom of the ocean. We can only see the waves coming, sometimes it’s a big wave and sometimes it’s a little silent calm and soothing wave. The point is that the writer is also like an ocean, we will throw some mesmerizing work or sometimes only mediocre work. We have little thoughts in our mind about our writing especially when the work is mediocre that jolts our hearts and questions arise about our writing. The moment some words of appreciation are thrown on a writer, the faith is restored and some hope and light shines upon, the writer digs deep in their hearts and hidden treasures emerges.

An award is words of encouragement in the moment of doubt and I would like to thank Tanumoy for these awards. Tanumoy needs no introduction as his work speaks volumes and I like reading his blog and the instrumental music soothes your mind taking you into different world.

Link to Tanumoy’s blog – http://thenomadicsoliloquist.wordpress.com

This is the hard part, something about me that also in the form of ABC but here I will break the rules a bit and write few lines which portray a writer.

I write words,

The words portray my feelings,

Some are happy,

Some are sad,

Some ferment minds of the reader,

Trying to create magic with every word,

Words are my destiny,

Words are my love,

Words are the only thing that I have.

These are the few bloggers who have a wonderful blog and I want to recommend these awards to them.

Keep pouring your hearts out, keep blogging 🙂


  1. The awards bestowed upon me are quite flattering. I am still at a nascent stage to deserve these , unlike you experienced bloggers. Still thanks for the nomination and hearty congrats for the same . Have a nice day

  2. First of all many congratulation to you my dear blogger friend. You are right a word of appreciation is the real award for anyone. I am blessed that I always find people like you that admire and appreciate my work, these are the real strength for me.
    I too think of writing a poem to show my gratitude towards you and my readers.
    Thanks once again. Lot of good wishes 🙂

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