Bieber Fever and the new Batman movie


As an epic Christopher Nolan’s franchisee of the Batman movies came to an end last year. Now DC comics will try to revive the Batman franchisee in the coming years by starting from scratch. But I was thinking wouldn’t it be fun to put our beloved teen icon, Justin Bieber in the new Batman movie.

Justin Bieber the pop icon, the teen idol has been chosen to play the role of Robin the new Batman movie. If this would have been true, wouldn’t Justin Bieber add a little zing to the character of Robin? The serious Robin would smoke weed, hang out with girls and sing songs. Imagine that, the spot light from Batman would certainly shift to Robin if it is played by Justin as the character of Robin is always pushed into the background.

Scenario 1

Batman and Robin are tracing the Joker as he has given an ultimatum to commission Gordon for stealing a jewel in-crusted jack in the box from a toy museum. Batman and Robin (Justin Bieber) arrives at the scene, when Batman is fighting Jokers men, Robin the boy wonder is romancing beautiful girls at the toy museum.

Joker – I will steal the jewel in-crusted Jack, clowns finish Batman and Robin.

Batman – In your dreams Joker!

Teenage Girl – look its Justin Bieber as Robin.

Robin – (looking in the eyes of the girl, starts singing) Oh baby, baby ohhh, baby.

Teenage Girl – (blushing) I will go out with you Justin.

Robin – If I was your boyfriend, never let you go, Keep you on my arm girl, you’d never be alone, I can be a gentleman, anything you want, If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go, I’d never let you go.

Batman – The joker got away, you are truly boy blunder and slaps the shit out of him.


Scenario 2

Batman and Robin are heading to the hood to inquire about the Joker and get back the jewel in-crusted jack in the box. Batman and Robin are asking some thugs about the Jokers whereabouts.

Robin – (talking smack) Hey yaw! You saw a wired dog with some bling.

Batman – Robin, what’s wrong with you.

Robin – Daamnnn! Shut yae hole braaww. Am trying to get some info on that funny bitch who stole the bling.

Batman – Robin quick to the batcave.

Robin – Man I’ve got his yea.

Robin – “I’m white like Micheal Jackson I am all hyped up on mountain yea Ni**a wacko”.

The two thugs beat the shit of boy wonder (pop pop bang bang).

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  1. LOL Now that would be a sight to see. Hey it could even be filmed in Atlanta not far from the Bieber’s home. 🙂

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