Beautiful Girl with Gorgeous Eyes


In her eyes I see the love for me,

In her eyes I see the sparkle of our first kiss,

I can feel my heart beating when I see her eyes,

When I see her eyes I fall in love with her again and again,

Beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes.



I remember, the first time I met her,

Her beautiful lips spoke less and her eyes did the talking,

Her eyes made my heart wonder and lost its way,

I saw light in her dark colored eyes,

Staring into her eyes and her eyes gazing mine,

I feel she can sense the real me without any facade, looking deep inside my soul.



A Secret lies in her eyes,

A mystery which I want to solve,

I looked into her eyes to find myself but everything was a vague impression,

Tears came out of her saintly eyes,

Her eyes wander searching for something precious,

Her eyes gazed at him.



The silent truth was in the open,

Tears rolled down my eyes,

My eyes mislead me to this unrealistic dream.


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